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Champagne-guzzling Brexiteers at Jacob Rees-Moggs party raided his fridge and tucked into digestive biscuits, it emerged. The Tory toff invited leading Leavers to his 5.6million Westminster pad to celebrate Theresa May’s humiliating defeat last week. But the backbench MP left his guests to enjoy his hospitality

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party over Brexit The MP’s 11-year-old son Peter, dressed in the red breeches of his 15,000-a-year London prep school,

served 45 bottles of Bollinger at the exclusive bash. A source told the Mail on Sunday: “Labour’s Kate Hoey, who was invited for all her hard work on Brexit, led the charge as people got a bit peckish and a bit more p****d and discovered a stash of digestives.” Guests were summoned via WhatsApp to the Grade II-liste

d, six-bedroom townhouse, just yards from Parliament, to mark the crushing 230-vote for the Prime Minister. Former Cabinet Ministers Boris Johnson,


in Duncan Smith and John Whittingdale were said to have attended. Insisting it “was a meeting with drinks”, Mr Rees-Mogg added: “We were chatting about

what happened and having a drink at t

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