Will Fernando Torres score for Chelsea this season?

WHEN Chelsea paid 50million for Fernando Torres they got the worst deal London has seen since that American numbskull coughed up squillions for London Bridge, thinking he had bought Tower Bridg

e. That is regarded as an urba70期跑狗图解释 n myth – as should be the image of Torres (right) as a world-class striker. Usel

ess at Liverpool for two seasons, he has been worse for Chelsea and goes into tonight’s Champions League clash with Copenhagen with the most laughable scoring record since my days on the pull.

Five games Torres has played for Chelsea and he has scored not a single goal. Zilch, zero, zippety. That is not the record you expect from a 50m World Cup winner. It is what you expect from Salomon Kalou. “Well done,” Chelsea fans said when their club snatched Torres. “Yes, you were,” replied Liverpool fans. Already the m

oans have begun at Chelsea. “How much did we pay?” “How has he won a World Cup?” “Who can I support next season?” Yes, Roman Abramovich’s English is improving. Torres is 6-5 with Boylesports to continue his scoring drought tonight and

12-1 with bet365 not to s

core a league goal for Chelsea this season.