Mystery as two surgically removed human LEGS are found dumped at rubbish tip

A mystery has been

sparked after two surgically-removed human legs - thought to belong to different people - were found dumped at a rubbish tip. The limbs were spotted protruding from a pile of rubbish by a horrified worker at a Summerhill Waste Management Centre in New South Wales, Australia, on Tuesday. They both appeared to have been amputated below the knee by a professional70期通天报彩图 and had been left rotting at the council-run site for up to six weeks. Police believe the

legs may have ended up at the tip by mistake after being inappropriately discarded by health management , while some residents fear there is a more chilling expla

nation. Investigation: The limbs were spotted protruding from a pile of rubbish by a horrified worker at the Newcastle-based tip (Image: G

oogle) Emergency crews were called to the waste management centre in Newcastle, around 100 miles north of Sydney, after the shocked employee discovered the limbs lying amid a pile of general rubbish. The body parts were examined at the site by a forensic pathologist, who determined that they had been professionally amputated below the knee. Read more: Read MoreRelated ArticlesHospitals threatened with cuts if they refuse to impose junior doctors contract The limbs had been at the centre for a number of weeks, suggesting they may have come from corpses, according to 7 News. They are understood to have come from two different bodies, ABC reports. The legs were later removed from the scene and are currently being investigated by the state government environment agency and local authorities. Mystery: The limbs had been left rotting at the centre fo

r up to six weeks, suggesting they may have come from corpses (file picture) (Image: Rex) Medical waste was also discovered by police at the tip, including syringes, bio-hazard bags and blood vials.

These items have also been taken away for examination, Sky News reports. Police said in a statement today that they did not believe a crime had been committed. It appears the legs were surgically removed and may have ended up there by mistake, the statement read. Rea

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s next to Turkish military convoy killing at least 18 Lorraine Long, of the Medical Error Action Group, agreed that the limbs were likely wrongly disposed of at

the tip by health officials. This is hospital management for you

at its best,” she said. “No system, dont care. But the point of all of this is, no respect for the dead.” Surgically removed body parts and medical equipment should be disposed of by incineration, according to health guidelines.