Jill Dando police find gun holster at murder accused Barry George's flat

A gun holster was found in the home of Jill Dando murder accused Barry George, a court heard yesterday. The shoulder

strap was found in a search of Georges flat in


West London, by police in April 2000

. At the time, George was a suspect in the 1999 shooting of Crimewatch star Dando, 37. Exhibits officer Charles Isaacs told the court the

flat was in disarray, covered in crates and b6f 48156马会特区总站 in liners. The rest of the holster, for a handgun, was found three weeks

later, th

e court heard. D

c John Gallagher said after his arrest, George claimed to h

ave seen a Range Rover acting suspiciously the day Dando was kill

ed. George, 48, denies murder. The Old Bailey trial continues.